I use a site called Toodledo every day in a professional setting. It's basically a website that lets teams or individuals create web based lists for organizational purposes. We use it to schedule design jobs across the art department.

As a designer, I feel that their current design style leaves quite a lot to be desired. I feel the look is a bit dated and cluttered, so as a fun project I decided to redesign their site. I'm new to UX/UI design so I figured this would be a great first project to get my feet wet. 
Their original layout. Cluttered, and the use of color seems a little heavy handed to me.
My redesigned splash page. Removed a lot of the unnecessary clicky objects at the top of the page and opted to give a few blurbs with a call to action for the client to "find out more". Also updated the mockup view to be cleaner and more professional looking.  
Redesigned "create new account page".
New sign in page. Updated look to be less dated.
Cleaner, simpler list view. There was a lot on the page that I felt was unnecessary. Only testing would tell if it truly wasn't needed, but for the scope of this project I decided to remove many of the icons on the side as well as consolidating and grouping the search, add task, and view functions.  Added in lots more white space. As a user one of the main things that stresses my eyes when using is that everything seems to be crunched up together, which makes it hard to select some of the projects on the list.
Mockup view.
Prototype video, showing different paths a user might take.
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