Hello art friends! I've come to you this fine day with another poster straight out of the 90's directly to your digital devices! ✨

Someone asked me just now, what comes first, the song or the illustration. Believe it or not, the song does! Usually I go with whatever is stuck in my head that day, and then I grab ahold of whatever sticks out and seems like I could make something out of it. In this case, I wanted to play with the idea of how your subconscious self is always with you, always hungry. Of course, it's probably a lot more colorful than @thebandghost intends one to think of when one listens to the song, but hey @lisafrank inspired art can be pretty metal too! 🤟

On this one I also played around with a different text treatment. I wanted to really give it a distorted and glitched out look. What do you think?
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